5 Mind Blowing Secrets at Universal Orlando

July 26, 2017

secrets at universal orlando

Universal Orlando Resort has so many amazing resorts, theme parks, dining, and recreational experiences.  With so much to do, you may have missed some of the secrets at Universal Orlando.  I am sharing our top 5 favorites!

#5 Bring Your Own Pool Float at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cabana Bay Beach Resort is our favorite Universal Orlando hotel.  They have so many fun resort amenities, including a lazy river.  My family and I can spend hours in the lazy river.  You can always buy a pool float, once you arrive for around ($7-9.)  However, Cabana Bay will also blow up your own pool float and even deflate it at the end of your vacation…all for FREE!  We recently blew up (2) cockroach pool floats and a huge unicorn.  Now that is FUN!

#4 Room Key Guitar Picks at Hard Rock Hotel 

Hard Rock Hotel is such a fun resort at Universal Orlando Resort.  They have a lot of cool amenities like an underwater sound system at the pool, the song “Hotel California” playing at dusk every night, and you can even borrow a guitar to learn how to play in your room.  One of the coolest hidden secrets is the room key guitar pick.  You can bring your room key (from any Universal Orlando Resort) to the front desk at Hard Rock Hotel and they will cut your room key to make a guitar pick.  This is such a fun and free souvenir!

#3 Hidden Piece of History

After you visit Hard Rock Cafe, walk outside and go to the back of the Hard Rock towards Blue Man Group.  You will still probably miss a hidden piece of history.  Behind the Hard Rock Cafe, is a huge rock wall.  If you stop to check out this huge rock wall, you will realize it is actually part of the Berlin Wall.  This is an amazing piece of history, just tucked in the rock garden.

#2 Private Tour at Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe at Universal CityWalk is an incredible place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Did you know you could also get a memorabilia tour for FREE?  You can ask for a Vibe Tour.  This is a private tour of the memorabilia around Hard Rock Cafe.

This may even include a VIP tour of the White Room or also called the John Lennon Room.  This room is all white with tons of Beatles memorabilia.  This room is the VIP room for musicians and celebrities playing or visiting the Hard Rock.  It is an amazing room with an even more amazing view of Universal CityWalk.  Next time you are visiting Hard Rock Cafe, ask about the Vibe tour.

#1  Immigration Tour at Men in Black

If you’ve ever been in line for the Men In Black: Alien Attack ride, you’ve seen the giant immigration room that comes straight out of the “Men in Black” movies. If you are lucky, you can actually get a tour of the ground floor of the immigration room.  Just ask a Team Member at the line for the ride.  If it is not a very busy time and they have someone available, a Team Member will come out and escort you into this incredible room for FREE.

I will leave you with one bonus one…there is a super secret room at Wizarding World of Harry Potter that most of the UO Team Members do not even know about!

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