First Ride on Skull Island Reign of Kong

November 3, 2017

Jones Family Travels Vloggers Take a First Ride on Reign of Kong

It’s Kelly’s first time riding Reign of Kong at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort. Of course, the Joneses also visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ride a couple favorite rides there, as well. Kelly was nervous initially about this attraction, but was willing to face Kong today! Watch to see what he thinks of Reign of Kong!

Here’s the description of Skull Island: Reign of Kong from Universal Orlando’s website: Brave the dangers of a mysterious island where few dare to venture. On a treacherous journey into the dark heart of the jungle, prehistoric predators and fearsome creatures attack your vehicle from all sides. Your expedition guide fights them back with all her might. But as razor-sharp teeth and grasping talons tear into your vehicle, an ape of unimaginable size—ferocious, yet awe-inspiring—hurls himself between you and certain doom. Is he your hero or the ultimate foe? With each primal roar, each chest-pounding thud, one thundering truth becomes clear: This is his home, his kingdom. And only he reigns.

Have you tried Skull Island Reign of Kong yet? We want to know what you think of it!

Skull Island: Reign of Kong Opens

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