Jimmy Fallon Ride at Universal Orlando

July 30, 2017

The Joneses Try the Jimmy Fallon Ride!

The Jones Family takes us along for their day when they first experienced the new Jimmy Fallon Ride!

If you haven’t heard, earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show received a brand new ride at Universal Orlando! It’s called  Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon and it’s located at Universal Studios Florida! The Jimmy Fallon ride takes you on a New York City adventure with Jimmy, Hashtag the Panda and other characters from Jimmy’s show.

What’s different about the Jimmy Fallon ride is that you can get a place in the Virtual Line™ and get your return time through The Official Universal Orlando Resort™ App (free download). You’ll need to be on property to select a return time, though. This “virtual line” allows you to enjoy several experiences rather than standing in a traditional line. You can experience the history and fun of The Tonight Show in Studio 6B or send a “Thank You Note” at the interactive desks. Or see Hashtag the Panda and enjoy a hip-hop barbershop performance by the Ragtime Gals! Check out the video to see what we thought of the new Jimmy Fallon ride!

During their visit, they also got to check out The Flying Fish Market show, which uses a seafood market-style booth as a stage and backdrop for their routine. This act uses music, jokes, juggling and some acrobatics to wow the crowd!

On this particular day, there were cars from The Fate of the Furious on display, which was a nice surprise!

No visit to Universal Orlando is complete without a visit to the Wizarding World or Harry Potter! So, off we went to Diagon Alley! Hunter had to make a stop at Ollivanders to get her Interactive wand repaired by the wand repairing wizard! Because it was “good as new,”she tried it out in Knockturn Alley!

What a great day at Universal Orlando!


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