Jones Family Travels Live Broadcast From Diagon Alley

August 18, 2017

Live Stream from Universal Orlando with the Joneses!

A great way to feel like you are at Universal Orlando Resort when you can’t be there in person is to watch live streams and vlogs from those who are! Jones Family Travels loves to visit Universal Orlando and loves to share it even more! Here’s a YouTube Live stream where they take you along as they explore Diagon Alley and Universal Studios.

On this adventure, Hunter enjoys a frozen Butterbeer and tells us about how she had to have her wand repaired. The gang takes a trip to Gringotts Money Exchange and spots a pricey collectible. After walking around looking at the details at Diagon Alley, the kids try their hand at casting a few some interactive spells with Hunter’s freshly repaired wand.

Don’t miss the part where Tim tells us about a super secret room in Diagon Alley that supposedly even J.K. Rowling doesn’t even know about! Did you know about it?

No visit to Diagon Alley is complete without spending some time admiring the fire-breathing dragon because who can ever get enough of that incredible creature!?

Important lesson — We learn the proper way to exit Diagon Alley so not to disturb the bricks effect for those who are entering the area!

Next, we stop to chat with the Knight Bus driver and his companion who doesn’t have name, but is simply “shrunked head.”

We discovered a new Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop near The Mummy, a Jones Family favorite — well both pretzels and The Mummy are Jones Family favorites!

Last but not least, we explore the Race Through New York facade before meeting Hashtag the Panda and signing off to check out the new Jimmy Fallon ride.

Hope you enjoyed coming along on a visit to Universal Studios with Jones Family Travels!

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